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About Pixel Unit

Pixel Unit provides enterprise level social media management, Cloud Content Solutions and Enterprise Data Security. Chances are you’re here seeking knowledge and expert advice for your business. You’ve come to the right place.

Social Media Management

Lift your social media bonnet and take a good look your engine. If you know how it is performing, without losing sight of the social conversations, you can make it more efficient, more powerful and more valuable. Cut through the social noise, and get insight, and drill into the detail to uncover your ROI.

Cloud Content Platform

Cloud Content Platform makes it easy for any business to create, manage content from any platform. Whether you wish to deliver content to a single application or desire a platform for empowering a unified content strategy across all of your apps, Cloud content Platform provides the suite of tools needed to achieve your vision. We provide the cloud backend to let your business integrate easily with web, desktop and mobile.

Enterprise Security

No matter where corporate data resides – on any device in any location, running any operating system (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS) – Protect it with Enterprise full disk encryption. SecureDoc protects and centrally manages it's encryption, making lives easier for IT and security administrators.

Social Media Management


Measurement grid and KPI

There are hundreds of metrics in social media. We help you discover actionable insight that drives business value. Perform SWOT analysis at a glance, track negative mention and spot crisis before they happen. Even more when you expand into the digital touch points.

So you can apply your knowledge and design measurement grids, prepare KPIs and benchmarks that will help brands quickly establish success using powerful and flexible reports. We design attribution models and correlation graphs that compare wider data points – and identify and measure social ROI and business value.

But there is more than measuring return on investment. You can also use metrics to measure Awareness, Acquisition, Activation and Satisfaction.

Performance-led Social Campaigns

Social media plays an important part in shaping customer habits and brand awareness. A campaign focus in an active profile raises the bar on social media. From engagement to sales, it drives reach, launches products and brings messages to life.

Our focus is on performance. Create campaigns based on evidence from the conversations. Focus on the audience experience and brand story. Establish a metrics based framework around your campaign content. Use Measures that allow you to optimize performance for each communication. Build communities around your brand and get better, sharper results and your content investment goes further.

Monitoring and Reporting

Using the top industry social data gathering tools, global social listening, advanced data filtering tools, we track keywords, sentiment, competitors and topics. Combining analytical skills with community know-how, we are able to alert brands to potential issues and deliver accurate and regular reporting.

Social Selling

When marketing works closely with sales to integrate social the results are powerful. Your content and messaging travels further and your sales people get closer to prospects. Our solutions help you engage with the right prospects. Understanding the right way to build social relationships needs to be learnt. Marketing needs to be empowered with the tools, content and processes that make it easy for the sales team to share.We work well with your favorite selling tools like Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Nimble, LeadSift, etc. to develop strong buyer relationships.

Business Intelligence and Dashboards

Too much data can be just as challenging as not enough. Our solution we distill the multitude of social information into clear concise reports while analyzing global data in real time and Benchmarking online reputations against competition. The visual reporting makes it easy for brands to share results across a company. From report templates to dashboards, immediate future will work with the best technologies to create insights dashboards that deliver relevant information for each department.

Cloud Content Platform


The Secure Content Platform

Transforms the way you share, manage and collaborate on your most valuable corporate information. Designed without compromise between security and ease-of-use, allows every employee to securely work across teams, with customers, and with partners - on any device, anywhere. Adopt a secure content platform to keep sensitive documents out of email and away from insecure consumer services.

Trusted, Secure and Collaborative

When your team needs to collaborate on sensitive projects or a confidential negotiation, we have the answer. If you're enabling mobile sales teams and managing a portfolio of marketing campaigns, we have a solution. Your entire business -- big or small -- will be more agile, more productive and more secure

Access, Share and Protect Personal Data

Never compromise the safety or confidentiality of your personal files. With our Solution, not only do you get mobile access, an online workspace, and fast, reliable sync across all your devices, you get the same secure services trusted by global businesses to protect their confidential information. Start with 10GB for free, today.

Enterprise Security


No matter where corporate data resides – on any device in any location, running any operating system (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS) – Protect it with Enterprise full disk encryption. SecureDoc protects and centrally manages it’s encryption, making lives easier for IT and security administrators.
All in one solution:

  • Centralized Management
  • Bitlocker Management
  • Removable Media Encryption
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Self-Encrypting Drives
  • Key Management
  • File & Folder Encryption
  • Pre-Boot Authentication


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